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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What would be the lowest cost for 3 passengers from Park City to the Salt Lake Airport?
A: During standard hours of 8am to 10pm it would be a total of $198 for a private Suburban with a gratuity included. 

Q: Can I book a shared ride to save some money? A: Sorry our rides are private only.

Q: Will you pick me up from the curb at the airport and drop me off at the door of my house or resort? A: Yes we are a door to door service.

Q: Do you have car seats and boosters available? A: Yes just make sure you put it in your reservation.

Q: Can you make stops for groceries, ski rentals, extra? A: Yes but please let us know in advance. 

Q: How will I locate my driver after I land? A: He will text you before you land.

Q: Do you take credit cards for payment? A: Yes.

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